Typified names:

Odonata Fabricius 1793

NOMEN: Odonata Fabricius 1793 [J.C. Fabricius. Entomologia Systematica emendata et Aucta. T. II, 1793. – Hafniae, Impensis Christ. Gottl. Proft]

ORIGINAL LISTED MEMBERSHIP (Fabricius 1793): Anisoptera (= Libellula + Aeshna) + Zygoptera (= Agrion)


= Cryptodonta Latreille 1802:T.1:364

= Odonatea Rafinesque 1815

= Paraneuroptera Shipley 1904

= Zygopteradelphia Crampton 1916

= Panzygoptera Crampton 1916

= Odonatida Pearce 1936

= Orthomyaria Schwanwitsch 1946

= Bimotoria Schwanwitsch 1946

= Heterognatha Chen 1962 (non Saussure & Humbert 1872, nec Börner 1920)

NON-MONOSEMANTIC CIRCUMSCRIPTIONAL SYNONYMS (including †Meganisoptera, with uncertain position of †Geroptera and †Eomeganisoptera):

= Odonatoptera Lameere 1900

= Panaeshnoptera Crampton 1928

= Odonatoidea Lameere 1936

= Tyloptera Crampton 1938

= Pantyloptera Crampton 1938

=?Bioptera Rivers 1940

= Odonatomorpha Demoulin 1970

= Odonatopterata Boudreaux 1979

= Eupalaeoptera Carle 1982

=?Odonatopteroida Mueller 1989

NON-MONOSEMANTIC CIRCUMSCRIPTIONAL SYNONYM (without †Geroptera, including †Eomeganisoptera, †Meganisoptera s.str. and †Campyloptera):

= Neodonatoptera Bechly 1996

NON-MONOSEMANTIC CIRCUMSCRIPTIONAL SYNONYM (without †Geroptera, †Eomeganisoptera; including †Meganisoptera s.str. and †Campyloptera):

= Euodonatoptera Bechly, Brauckmann, Zessin 1998 (M.S.)

NON-MONOSEMANTIC CIRCUMSCRIPTIONAL SYNONYM (without †Meganisoptera, with uncertain position of †Protanisoptera, †Triadophlebioptera and †Protozygoptera):

= Aeshnoptera Crampton 1928

NON-MONOSEMANTIC CIRCUMSCRIPTIONAL SYNONYM (without †Meganisoptera s.l.; including †Campyloptera, †Protanisoptera, †Triadophlebioptera and †Protozygoptera):

= Odonatoclada Bechly 1998 (M.S.)

NON-MONOSEMANTIC CIRCUMSCRIPTIONAL SYNONYM (without †Meganisoptera s.l. and †Campyloptera; including †Protanisoptera, †Triadophlebioptera and †Protozygoptera):

= Nodialata Bechly 1996

NON-MONOSEMANTIC CIRCUMSCRIPTIONAL SYNONYM (without †Meganisoptera s.l. and †Protanisoptera; including †Triadophlebioptera and †Protozygoptera):

= Discoidalia Bechly 1996 

NON-MONOSEMANTIC CIRCUMSCRIPTIONAL SYNONYM (without †Meganisoptera s.l., †Protanisoptera and †Triadophlebioptera; including †Protozygoptera):

= Stigmoptera Bechly 1996 

NON-MONOSEMANTIC CIRCUMSCRIPTIONAL SYNONYM (without †Meganisoptera s.l., †Protanisoptera, †Triadophlebioptera and †Protozygoptera):

= Neodonata Martynov 1938


TYPIFIED NAMES IN USE: Libellula (sensu Linnaeus 1758), Libellulaedes, Libellilinae, Libellulidae, Libellulina, Libellulida, Libelluloidea, Libelluloides, Libellulones

MODERN STATUS:  the valid, the oldest name of a generally accepted, holophyletic taxon.

COMMENT. If take into account only recent representatives, the taxon Odonata looks to be distinctly outlined. In this case all names listed above monosemantically fit in circumscription, and a hierarchical name should be written as Libellula/fg1. But some extinct Palaeozoic and Triassic forms are described, which have evident relationship with odonates, but do not fall into the taxon Odonata if it is characterized by structure of recent representatives only. These exinct forms together with recend odonates form a holophyletic taxon Odonata s.l., or Odonatoptera (or Libellula/fg1), inside which there is a subordinate taxon Odonata s.str., or Neodonata (or Libellula/fg2). Classifications of Odonata:

the most pessimistic classification (Kluge 2000):
Odonatoptera, or Odonata s.l. (Libellula/fg1)
  † Meganisoptera s.l. (Meganeura/fg1)
† Protanisoptera (Ditaxineura/fg1)
† Triadophlebioptera (Triadophlebia/fg1)
† Protozygoptera (Kennedya/fg1)
  Neodonata, or Odonata s.str. (Libellula/fg2)
the most optimistic classification (Bechly 1996):
Odonatoptera, or Odonata s.1 (Libellula/fg1)
  † Geroptera (Eugeropteron/fg1)
  Nodonatoptera, or Odonata s.2 (Libellula/fg2)
    † Eomeganisoptera (Erasipteron/fg1)
    Euodonatoptera, or Odonata s.3 (Libellula/fg3)
    † Meganisoptera s.str. (Meganeura/fg1)
    Odonatoclada, or Odonata s.4 (Libellula/fg4)
    † Campyloptera/fg1
      † Lapeyuria/fg1
    Nodialata, or Odonata s.5 (Libellula/fg5)
      † Protanisoptera (Ditaxineura/fg1)
      Discoidalia, or Odonata s.6 (Libellula/fg6)
        † Triadophlebioptera (Triadophlebia/fg1 or Triadotypus/fg1)
        Stigmoptera, or Odonata s.7 (Libellula/fg7)
          † Protozygoptera (Kennedya/fg1)
            Neodonata, or Odonata s.8 (Libellula/fg8)
              † Tarsophlebia/fg1
              Odonata s.9 (Libellula/fg9)