Typified names:

Panephemeroptera Crampton 1928

NOMEN: Panephemeroptera Crampton 1928 [G.C. Crampton. The grouping of the insect orders and their lines of descent. – Entomologist, 1928, 61: 85]

ORIGINAL LISTED MEMBERSHIP (Crampton 1928): Protephemeroptera + Ephemeroptera


= Archipteradelphia Crampton 1924 

= Panarchiptera Crampton 1924


= Ephemeropteria Crampton 1938

= Ephemeropteroidea Rohdendorf 1968

= Ephemeropteroida Müller 1978

NON-MONOSEMANTIC CIRCUMSCRIPTIONAL SYNONYMS (with uncertain position of †Protephemeroptera and †Permoplectoptera):  

= Anisoptera Stephens 1829 s.1 (non Selys 1854) 
= Plectoptera Packard 1886 s.1 (non Plecoptera Burmeister 1839)

= Ephemeroptera Hyatt & Arms 1891 s.1
= Plectopteradelphia Crampton 1916 s.1
= Archipterygota Borner 1909 s.1
= Prometabola Heymons 1909 s.1

TYPIFIED NAME IN BASIC FORMAT: Ephemera/fg (incl. †Triplosoba)

TYPIFIED NAMES IN USE: Ephemerida, Ephemeridea, Ephemeriformes, Ephemerata

MODERN STATUS:  the valid, the oldest name of a generally accepted taxon of uncertain phylogenetic status; the same as Ephemeroptera s.1 (or sensu latissimo).  
Classification of Panephemeroptera:

Panephemeroptera, or Ephemeroptera s.1 (Ephemera/fg1)
 Protephemeroidea (Triplosoba/fg1)
  Euephemeroptera, or Ephemeroptera s.2 (Ephemera/fg2)
    † pm. Permoplectoptera (Protereisma/f1=Phtharthus/g1)
    Euplectoptera, or Ephemeroptera s.3 (Ephemera/fg3)

COMMENT. The names Archipteradelphia and Panarchiptera Crampton 1924 are the oldest ones, but their shortcoming is that they are formed from the wrong name "Archiptera". Originally the name Archiptera Haeckel 1896 was given to a larger artificial taxon, and Crampton (1924) wrongly used it for Ephemeroptera s.str. According to the general rules of nomenclature, this fact should not influence on availability and validity of the names Archipteradelphia and Panarchiptera; nevertheless, the younger name Panephemeroptera Crampton 1928 is preferrable.