Typified names:

Newman E., 1834.

Attempted division of British insect into natural orders.

The Entomological Magazine, 2 (4), Art.37: 379-431 BHL


     divisio Amorpha
       I.sectio Tetraptera Amorpha Adermata
         I.classis Lepidoptera

           stirps Sphingina

             ordo Sphingites

           stirps Papilionina

           stirps Geometrina

           stirps Noctuina

           stirps Phalaenina

           stirps Pyralina

           stirps Tineina

             ordo Pulicites Pulex - Fleas

         II.classis Diptera
           stirps Tipulina Tipula
           stirps Culicina Culex
             ordo Simuliites

             ordo Sphaeromiites

             ordo Ceratopogonites

             ordo Culicites

             ordo Chironomites

             ordo Corethrites

             ordo Psychodites

           stirps Tabanina Tabanus
           stirps Asilina Asilus
         II.sectio Tetraptera Amorpha Dermata
           styrps Syrphina Syrphus
           styrps Muscina Musca
           styrps Hippoboscina Hippobosca

         Situation at present doubtful. ordo Stylopites Stylops - Bee-parasites

     divisio Necromorpha
         III.classis Hymenoptera
         IV.classis Coleoptera
     divisio Isomorpha
         V.classis Orthoptera
           stirps Forficulina Forficula
             ordo Forficulites Forficula - Earwigs
               gen. Forficula
               gen. Labia
               gen. Labidura
           stirps Achetina Acheta = Gryllus
             ordo Achetites Acheta = Gryllus - Crickets
               gen. Gryllotalpa
               gen. Acheta
           stirps Gryllina Gryllus = Tettigonia
             ordo Gryllites Gryllus = Tettigonia - Grasshoppers
               gen. Gryllus
           stirps Locustina Locusta = Acrida
             ordo Locustites Locusta = Acrida - Locusts
               gen. Locusta
               gen. Gomphocerus
               gen. Acrydium
          (stirps Spectrina Spectrum = Phasma
             ordo Spectrites Spectrum = Phasma - Spectres
               gen. Spectrum
               gen. Phasma)
          (stirps Mantina Mantis
             ordo Mantites Mantis - Walking-leaves
               gen. Mantis)
           stirps Blattina Blatta
             ordo Blattites Blatta - Cockroaches
               gen. Blatta

         Situation at present doubtful. ordo Thripsites Thrips
               gen. Thrips
         classis Hemiptera
           stirps Cimicina Cimex
             ordo Cimicites Cimex - Bugs
           stirps Hydrometrina Hydrometra = Gerris
             ordo Hydrometrites Hydrometra = Gerris - Water-bugs
               gen. Hydrometra
               gen. Gerris
               gen. Velia
           stirps Nepina Nepa
             ordo Nepites Nepa - Water-scorpions
               gen. Ranatra
               gen. Nepa
           stirps Notonectina Notonecta
             ordo Notonectites Notonecta - Water-boatmen
               gen. Naucoris
               gen. Notonecta
               gen. Corixa
               gen. Sigara
           stirps Cicadina Cicada
             ordo Cicadites Cicada - Frog-hoppers
               gen. Cicada
               gen. Cercopis
               gen. Membracis
               gen. Psylla, &c.
           stirps Coccina Coccus
             ordo Coccites Coccus - Gall-insects
               gen. Coccus
           stirps Aphina Aphis
             ordo Aphites Plant-lice
               gen. Aphis

         Situation at present doubtful. ordo Aleyrodites Aleyrodes
               gen. Aleyrodes

     divisio Anisomorpha
         classis Neuroptera
           stirps Termitina Termes = Termina Termes
             ordo Termites Termes - White Ants, &c.
              (gen. Termes)
               gen. Psocus
           stirps Perlina Perla
             ordo Perlites Perla - Pearl-flies
               gen. Perla
               gen. Isogenus
               gen. Nemoura
               gen. Sialis
           stirps Raphidiina Raphidia
             ordo Raphidites Raphidia - Snake-flies
               gen. Raphidia
           stirps Hemerobiina
             ordo Hemerobiites Hemerobius = f:Myrmeleon; g:Hemerobius - Lace-winged-flies
               gen. Hemerobius
               gen. Chrysopa
               gen. Osmylus
               gen. Myrmeleon
               gen. Ascalaphus
           stirps Phryganina Phryganea
             ordo Phryganites Phryganea - Stone-flies
               gen. Phryganea
           stirps Ephemerina Ephemera
             ordo Ephemerites Ephemera - Caddew-flies
               gen. Ephemera
               gen. Baetis
               gen. Cloeon
           stirps Libellulina Libellula
             ordo Libellulites Libellula - Dragon-flies
               gen. Agrion
               gen. Libellula
               gen. Aeschna

         Situation at present doubtful. ordo Panorpites Panorpa - Scorpion-flies
               gen. Panorpa
              (gen. Bittacus)
              (gen. Nemoptera)